Sarah Brightman performs ‘Phantom of the Opera’ with four former phantoms


‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is a historic musical by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Four previous phantoms join Sarah Brightman in concert, reprising her role as ‘Christine.’ They come together on stage to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved musical.

The performance is captured at Royal Albert Hall and directed by Cameron Mackintosh. The lavish set, singers, and orchestra are surrounded by Victorian splendor. The total performers were over 200, and the audience was treated to an epic rendition of the show.

Singing the hit songs from the play ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Music of the Night,’ the four phantoms and Sarah deliver a once-in-a-lifetime show. It opens with Sarah center stage, surrounded by the orchestra.

She appears with two former phantoms to her left and two to her right. The dry ice flows across the stage floor, adding mystique to the theater. Former phantoms Colm Wilkinson, John Owen-Jones, Anthony Warlow, and Peter Jöback all take turns singing lines from the opening number.

Sarah delivers her memorable ascending high notes at the close of the song. The phantoms join together, each beckoning her, saying, ‘Sing for me!’ As ‘Music of the Night’ begins, Andrew Lloyd Webber steps on stage to shake hands with the four phantoms.

The phantoms sing beautifully, trading lines as the huge orchestra and chorus add power to the song. The audience is moved with emotion, and they deliver thunderous applause. Various images are projected behind the singers chronicling the tremendous success of the musical.

The performance is a beautiful way to honor the legacy of ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ A fantastic cast of previous performers came together to celebrate the musical and its composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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