Senior Wows The Entire Nursing Home With Impromptu Performance Of A Righteous Brothers Classic


There are just some things you can help but do no matter the age.As we grow old, the range of things and activities we participate in trims down. So it’s no surprise when old people make the most of what they can still do.An 81-year-old retired medical assistant proved this and surprised the staff and residents of his nursing home in Liverpool.

Dave Williams came up the stage when he requested to sing a song.Debbie Williams, his daughter and chef of the same facility begged her father to sit back down but as Dave shared, he was sure glad he didn’t.The staff at Park View Nursing Home in Liverpool threw a picnic party for the facility and invited local vocalist Toni Nesbitt to sing.

Seeing his opportunity, Dave took to the stage and grabbed a mic.

At the top of his lungs, the senior sang “Unchained Melody”.
No one expected what happened next. The local vocalist started the song for him and when it was his turn, the true Dave Williams showed himself. According to the TikTok video, the performance was supposed to be a duet but Dave had other plans.

He was hitting strong notes even if he was shaking on his cane. Age may have made a mark on his body, but his strength while he was singing made him fifty years younger.

The staff and residents cheered and clapped for Dave.
“One of the audience was a patient with dementia – after my performance, I saw her singing the song to herself, which was brilliant.” He said as quoted by Newsweek.

But this wasn’t the first time Dave showcased his talent. Wellbeing Coordinator Jodie Solaiman discovered that the old man sang with The Beatles not just once, but in three instances.

While working at Sefton General Hospital, Dave played with the band called The Dices.
In 1958, The Dices played alongside Ringo Starr at the Morgue Skiffle Cellar. Starr was 18 back then and was not yet the big star he will become.

He stayed in his singing career, earning around £3 a night as he performed Fridays to Sundays. In 1961, The Beatles played Knotty Ash Village Hall and with the coaxing of his friends, they managed to convince the band to let Dave join them on stage.

Then, in 2000, he sang on Paul McCartney’s 58th birthday at the Linda McCartney Center.

Dave lived a full and colorful life and he was not letting age stop him.
“Words can’t explain how we all felt after his performance. Dave has lived an incredible life, to say the least. He has said he would love to perform for us again!” Solaiman said.

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