Stunning vocal rendition of ‘We Three Kings’ Christmas carol


The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without the classic tunes that mark the festivities. Many carols and hymns have brought joy to our hearts over the years while becoming part of our traditions.

'The Hound and The Fox' featuring Tim Foust

‘We Three Kings’ is a classic Christmas song revisited in this performance by ‘The Hound and The Fox’ featuring Tim Foust. These three amazing singers have performed together before, and their chemistry and blend are fantastic.

The trio walks on a dune in the nighttime sky, emulating the journey featured in the song’s lyrics. Then, the three voices fade into one singer who sings in the sunlight on the sand. All three voices join back in on the line, ‘Star of wonder,’ with perfect harmonies.

'The Hound and The Fox' featuring Tim Foust

The group stands in the sun with the wind blowing toward them. They are all dressed in black as the song is taken over by Tim Foust’s unique low voice. His bellowing tones are hard to believe, and his vocal range is unreal.

The trio joins together with harmonies on the chorus, which builds on the lyrics, “O star of wonder, star of light, star with royal beauty bright, westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect light.”

'The Hound and The Fox' featuring Tim Foust

‘The Hound and The Fox’ are a husband and wife duo composed of Reilly and McKenzie. Reilly works on the recording, mixing, and editing, while McKenzie handles the songwriting and management.

The group also goes by ‘H+F.’ They have worked with ‘Pentatonix’ and ‘Peter Hollens.’ Their fans and patrons are a massive part of their internet success story that continues to grow. This Christmas classic is featured on their album’ Songs of Winter.’

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