Team of un-trained heroes saves a rogue deer crying in water.


Lyle Welsh and his family were on a boat trip when they saw something floating and struggling in the icy cold water. The baby fawn was crying loudly, and it felt as if he was calling his mom for help.

When the family heard the cries of the baby deer coming from the water, Lyle’s father asked him to jump in to help the little one. But unfortunately, the current was too strong, and the fawn was already struggling against the water current.

The little one was pulled far away by the water current from the shore and could not find a way to return safely. The rescuer swam towards the baby deer and eventually managed to reach him.

However, the baby deer was scared of Lyle. He wanted to swim away from the human and continue his journey toward the shore. Lyle had to hold the baby firmly so that he did not swim away.

The baby deer kept on crying, and at one instance, he did free himself from his rescuer’s grip. But Lyle soon grasped him and swam towards the boat where his dad was already waiting for them.

The Welsh family members had decided to get the baby deer on the boat and drop him off at the shore. As Lyle came closer to the ship, his dad picked the fawn in his arms and dried him off with a towel.

After Lyle climbed on the boat, the family decided to drop the fawn at the shore. When they reached the drop location, the rescuer took the baby fawn in his arms and placed the baby deer gently near the beach. The rescue animal happily went back into the forest after looking at his rescuers for one last time.

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