The 51-year-old beautiful celebrity actress showed off her make-up without photoshop.


Jennifer Lopez is a global celebrity and a very beautiful woman.

To succeed, she had to go through a lot of difficulties.

But despite the fact that young female performers are trailing behind, J Lo is confidently staying afloat and can give them all a head start too.

She does all her concerts with full commitment and everything is always performed to the highest standard.

It’s hard to believe that the singer and actress is already 52 years old. But her figure is still the envy of many women.

And she recently posted a picture online of her without make-up, various filters or photoshop.

And this is exactly the case when expectations and reality fully coincide.

And such a body doesn’t ‘fall’ from the sky on a woman, she works hard on herself, going to the gym and watching her diet.

It is not a diet, but a way of life.

And a good night’s sleep and the services of a beautician only help to keep herself in shape.

When you look at her, it’s hard to believe you’re seeing a woman that age.

She seems only 30 years old, no more.

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