The brothers play the role of a father for the sister. On the girl’s wedding day, her brothers gave her a nice surprise


Before presenting the article, let’s introduce the main idea of ​​our topic in a little poetic spirit.
In the warm heart of a sister, there is a holy name,

It is called BROTHER in the world.
I will devote my whole life to you, only that you are happy.
No matter how long I live, I am by your side, dear BROTHER,
You are as precious as a father.

A brother is the greatest gift in a sister’s life. The brother is always by his sister’s side, protects her, helps her. Sister and brother are inseparable parts that cannot imagine life without each other. Among the beautiful and kind memories of childhood, the brother occupies his special place. After the sister’s marriage, it seems that their bond will weaken more or less, they will drift apart, but the best brother and sister never leave each other. And what is the relationship between the sister and the brother, when the sister is one of the brothers: 7? The sister loves and respects everyone equally. On his wedding day, all 7 brothers were present and thought of a wonderful idea. They decided to make their sister’s day unforgettable. And that’s exactly what happened.

They started their performance with the remix of The Lion King “Circle of life” . They performed their dance very wonderfully. The evening and the brothers’ party continued under the famous songs of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kudero. Their dance ended with the performance of “Apache (jump on it)”. Everyone was delighted and surrounded them with loud and ecstatic applause. The sister was excited, extremely happy and proud. But the performance was not over yet. The brothers invited the sister to sit on the stage and surrounded her by giving her a serenade “You don’t know, you are beautiful”. performance. The sister’s happiness was boundless. Such a performance had never occurred to her.

Naturally, it is a great happiness to be blessed and have such brothers who showed their boundless love and devotion to their sister.


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