The couple lost 90 kg in a year and shared their new photos


Stephanie and Brandon, the lovers, had been overweight since childhood. At first it didn’t seem like a big problem. They were just in love with each other. They had a place to live and a job.

Nothing seemed to stand in the way of their happiness… But Brandon began to have health problems and was later diagnosed with sleep apnea, which meant that during the night’s rest the young man could simply suffocate. And the reason for that was his excess weight.

“We looked in the mirror, looked at each other, and we understood everything. We each weighed over 135 kilograms. Brandon had just been diagnosed with apnea, and I felt just awful,” recalls Stephanie, who works as a photographer.

It was scary because they were young and had their whole lives ahead of them. It turned out there was a huge risk that at any moment that life could be cut short… And yet they wanted to become parents.

That’s when the fight for a healthy life began. It lasted exactly one year. Stephanie managed to lose 57 kilograms, and Brandon – 36. The girl began to look much better, there was confidence and a desire to become even better.

The most important thing is that the young couple did not torture themselves with strict diets. They went towards their goals gradually, step by step. Their menus were balanced, and their portions contained the necessary caloric intake. They also walked and exercised a lot, which also had a positive effect on their weight loss.

The couple claims that regularity was a key factor when they made a plan to improve their health.

And the best news Stefani shared on her blog is that they will soon be parents! Their baby girl is due in July!

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