The fireman helped her to be born and later adopted her


The dispatchers of the Myrtle Beach fire station received a call from a woman who asked for help, she had severe abdominal pain.

Mark Hadden and his team immediately went to the call, they could not even think that they would be delivering a girl in a few minutes.

Arriving at the scene, rescuers realized that they did not have time to go to the hospital.

Mark took on a responsible mission: he personally helped the girl to be born.

And when the girl was in his arms, he had no idea that he was holding his future daughter.

On the same day, the woman in labor said that she would leave the child in the hospital, since she was homeless and she didn’t need her.

Mark had a big, strong family, he and his wife raised two sons.

But due to their health condition, they could no longer have offspring and were seriously thinking about adoption.

And the appearance of the girl Grace was perceived by the couple as a real gift of fate.

The social service went to meet the family, and two days later they submitted the documents for adoption, the girl was taken home.

Parents have never hidden from their daughter how she appeared to them.

The elder sons love their sister very much and always try to be there, help her and protect her.

And spouses Mark and Beth are immensely happy that they have such a wonderful daughter.

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