The girl came to the city and was helped by a stranger. Then she ignored him in his difficult time.


The passengers of the train were looking impatiently out the windows, waiting to finally see the high-rise buildings and neon advertising signs of the big city. Among the passengers was a girl for whom the move to the big city was a momentous and long-awaited event. Her name was Caroline. 

She grew up in a provincial town and since childhood she dreamed of big city lights which she saw only on tv . At last the train arrived at the station. Caroline stepped onto the sidewalk and looked around distractedly. The girl had little idea where to go next. Her best friend grace had moved here a year ago. 

She left Caroline her address and said that when she decided to move she would be happy to help her. Caroline had never ridden in a cab in her life so when she left the building she stood indecisively wondering what to do next. There were several cabs at a nearby parking lot . 

The driver of one of them saw a girl with a small suitcase shifting from leg to leg and immediately realized that she was here for the first time. He wanted to help her because he knew how difficult it was for a newcomer in the city at first. He went up to her and smiled at her friendly. Then he said his name was rick and asked if she needed anything. For the continuation watch the video.

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