‘The Kane Triplets’ perform ‘Pow, Pow, Pow’ on ‘Sullivan’


In 1967, Ed Sullivan welcomed the fabulous ‘Kane Triplets’ to his show. The three identical triplets graced the stage with elegance. When they started singing, it was electric and exciting!

The Kane Triplets are dressed in matching hot pink dresses with sequined collars. Their hairstyles are identical, and they stand shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the song as they bop to the rhythms.

They sing the hit Latin jazz song ‘Pow, Pow, Pow.’ Their tight vocal harmonies are impressive, and their blend is natural. Their big smiles take over the stage and light up the room.

The Kane Triplets

The backing band is fantastic, providing excitement with horn hits and Latin rhythms. The sisters sing over the band with wonderful three-part harmony. They even move their bodies, heads, and necks in perfect unison.

The Kane Triplets were made up of Lucille, Jeanne, and Maureen Kane. Their most famous recording was the ‘Theme from Mission: Impossible,’ in 1968. They first rose to stardom when they were born in 1948 after being featured in ‘Life’ magazine.

The Kane Triplets

The triplets were given a show business opportunity by ‘The McGuire Sisters’ and became their opening act. They performed on ‘The Jack Benny Show,’ ‘The Mike Douglas Show,’ ‘The Perry Como Show,’ and ‘The Tonight Show.’

The Kane Triplets have been in the spotlight since their birth. Their singing careers spanned multiple decades, and America fell in love with them even before this appearance on ‘Ed Sullivan.’

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