The love story of a Russian woman and an African man. The man was not afraid of the age difference or the fact that he had three children


This love story between a Russian woman and an African man resembles the plot of a romantic melodrama. These two characters had to overcome many difficulties before they could achieve their long-awaited family happiness.

And it’s not just the difference in their views and culture. Like all couples, Matthias and Olga’s relationship went through difficult times.

Olga Grebennikova’s first marriage was far from ideal. Our main character got married when she was very young and immature. It seemed to her that she would be able to combine the roles of loving wife, caring mother and hardworking student. But the reality was very different.

When Olga had her first child, she had already realized that the man she had chosen was not the man she had imagined. But she thought that if she tried hard, she would succeed. She even dropped out of school to make it happen.

Time passed and the couple’s relationship only worsened, unfortunately. By the time the woman seriously considered divorce, she already had three children. She could no longer endure the constant insults, humiliation and physical abuse that she had to endure to protect her family. Olga left her husband.

Interestingly, even after leaving her husband, the she did not lose faith in men. She knew that there was the one she would be happy with. She just had to wait a little longer.

Of course, the woman’s friends and family were skeptical about her boyfriend. And the man’s relatives were much warmer towards his white wife. To all intents and purposes, the lovers were soon married.

Time passed and the couple had a daughter, who was named Esta. Later, Olga became pregnant again. There was an ideal atmosphere in the international family. However, Matthias thought about moving to Germany. He was convinced that they would have a better life in this European country than in Russia.

Naturally, the mother of five children was not prepared to make such a drastic change in her life. One day she found a note from her husband asking for forgiveness. Matthias decided to flee to Germany on his own. He was detained at Sheremetyevo airport because of problems with his documents.

The African man later told his wife that he was very grateful to the airport staff because they had saved him from doing the wrong thing. As you have already noticed, Olya was able to forgive her beloved.

The court proceedings lasted a long time, but still the man got his papers in order.

The couple had two more children: a girl, Lizzie, and a son, Luke.

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