The mother did not want to give up her sick daughter, even though the doctors told her to put her in an orphanage. Look at what the girl is like now.


Renee was pregnant and the doctors told her the bad news. She gave birth to a daughter with Down’s syndrome. The doctors advised her to leave her daughter in an orphanage as she needed special care which required a lot of effort and attention.

However, Renee was not going to give up. She was sure she could give the girl a better life. The mother refused to give up on her daughter, even though the doctors had told her to, look what happened to her. The girl’s name was Kennedy. It was later discovered that the girl had leukaemia.

But she handled it well. Kennedy proved to everyone that they had the wrong opinion of her. She overcame her illness. She had always dreamt of becoming a dancer and even competed at the state level.

The mother didn’t give up on her daughter even though doctors told her it was the right thing to do, look who she became despite her problems, she even worked as a model for famous brands! And her smile has won millions of hearts. Kennedy even found love.

A wonderful boy called Matthew, became her boyfriend, who also has Down’s syndrome.

Renee realised how wrong the doctors had been in thinking that a child with Down’s syndrome could never live a full life.

It turned out that Kennedy’s achievements were in many ways superior to those of ordinary healthy people.

It was not physical condition that mattered, but perseverance and a love of life. Renee and Kennedy’s family is an example to many families whose children are born with similar problems.

Kennedy’s account currently has more than 130,000 followers. Her beauty, courage, confidence and ability to achieve her goals have won over millions of hearts.

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