The planet’s most beautiful twins: how they looked 12 years later.


These sisters have an unusual and very sophisticated appearance. Even at a very young age, the girls’ mother Jaki noticed that her daughters had unprecedented beauty, so the woman decided to post their images on the Internet. As Jaki expected, pictures of her daughters became very popular on the net, and people became interested in them.

After a while, not only the girls’ mother, but also total strangers started paying attention to the girls’ appearance. Even on social media, people regularly wrote to her that the babes should try their hand at modelling. After all, she wanted a normal childhood for her beloved babies. The woman nevertheless decided to give it a try.

But Jaki just couldn’t cope because she had a two-year-old son who also needed care and attention. So the woman postponed making her daughters stars until better times.

Realising that her daughters’ success was just around the corner, Jaki immediately decided that a modeling career should not interfere with their development. That’s why she insisted from the very beginning that no heavy make-up be used on the set. A light blush was the maximum acceptable.

Having sent photos of her daughters to various modeling agencies in Los Angeles, Jaki clearly did not expect that almost everywhere consent would be received.

So Ava and Leah signed contracts with two agencies at once, and their mother left her day job to become their manager. She continued to make sure that the girls received a proper education and regularly attended electives, despite filming.

The twins’ photo shoots usually take place in the evenings after school or at weekends.

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