The postman heard a 94-year-old woman crying. He broke down the door to save her life


This story is about a postman who is really dedicated to his work and the people he helps. He is ready to do much more than he should to be useful to a person who needs it.

Josh Dakota has been working as a postman for several years. Every day, he visits more than 160 places where he delivers mail. During this time, he became close to some people, among whom was 94-year-old Alice Pashke. She always invited him to her house for tea, lunch, and a chat.

Alice became very attached to Josh because he specifically started delivering mail not to the mailbox, but directly to her doorstep. After all, at this age, it is very difficult for her to walk so far. Each time, she went to the door to greet her friend.

Alice was lying on the floor! She fell to the floor last night and couldn’t get up. She spent 20 hours in this position!

The woman knew that her only hope was the postman Josh. And she was not mistaken!

Josh’s act did not go unnoticed. He received the highest award: the Postmaster General’s Award at the Minto Post Office. Also, his name is now emblazoned on the honorary wall of heroes at the headquarters of the Washington Postal Service.

Since then, Alice’s house is no longer in Josh’s route, because she was placed in a nursing home. But they continue to see each other – Josh constantly visits the woman. The only thing he really misses is their spiritual gatherings at her house.

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