The two-year-old drummer surprised all the members of the jury.


No one is surprised when a 2-year-old child can knock. But Hugo Molina does it in rhythm. Being the youngest participant of Spain’s Got Talent, the child demonstrated his incredible drumming skills.

He was very young but achieve the correct use of drums on his own. The presenter even asked the audience not to clap their hands too much so that the child would not be scared.

He’s really a talent, it’s not just child’s play. His father sits him down to the instruments, Hugo has drumsticks in his hands, but it’s unclear if he knows what to do with them. It turned out that this little drummer is something more than just a beautiful face! He ‘s a real musician .

The background music starts and Dad just asks, “How do we play the drums, Hugo?” Then he starts the Semanasantu, the traditional Easter parade. The judges were fascinated by the talent.

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