The woman thought that her husband was an ordinary builder. The woman was surprised when she found out who he really was


For 64 years, Audrey Phillips was married to an ordinary builder. At least that’s what the woman

It wasn’t until much later, when Audrey was looking through the documents stored in the attic, that she
suddenly discovered that her husband had led a double life and was secretly working as a real spy.

Audrey always thought her husband was just a good husband and father. Glenn had lived all his life in a
small town called Trowbridge and was in the construction business. But, as it turned out later, it was not
so true.

Documents found by the woman in the attic proved her wrong.

In the 1940s, Glenn was recruited by British MI5 intelligence. After that, the man was engaged in
espionage for most of his life.

“Looking back now, I remember my husband going on long business trips. But how could I know that
Glenn was a spy? It just didn’t make sense,» Audrey told reporters.

Looks like Glenn really did have a spy mask. How else could he hide his profession from his own wife for
decades? It looks really incredible.

But such is the work of the media. They very often do not have the right to talk about their work even
with the closest people. Instead, spies invent professions that they often don’t even master. It enables
them to maintain their privacy.

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