“There will be no vacation!” People realized this as soon as their dog brought something in his teeth…


Ella Arundell and Russell Mack’s family went through roughly the same thing! The couple have three children, and they have been dreaming of a holiday in Mallorca for a long time. People have collected 2,500 pounds sterling for the trip – that’s about 206 thousand rubles.

And now imagine: the suitcases are packed, children are registered for the flight. It remains only to wait a couple of days and get on the plane …

But Ella and Russell were careless enough to leave their passports on the edge of the table. And in the morning it turned out that their dog had a “surprise” – he ate the children’s documents!

A distraught woman could not have imagined that her rash act would cancel the entire vacation.

And happy spaniel Bailey didn’t even realize what grand plans he had ruined, chewing the pages of the passport with a satisfied muzzle.

For the next couple of days people wanted an emergency solution to the document issue! They collected the remnants of the passports and sent them to the airport so that the officers could do an examination.

But the scraps of paper left over from the documents did not convince the border guards of anything.

собака проказничает

And soon the family was also upset with the insurance company – it turned out that the passports eaten by an animal had nothing to do with the insurance case.

The couple had to pay another thousand pounds to the travel agency, so that the tickets did not burn out completely.

And you know who was very pleased with what happened? Bailey, of course! The spaniel is just happy because his owners will be staying home

собака проказничает рис 2

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

What kind of pranks did your pet pull?

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