These people managed to grow potatoes of record size


Farming and gardening have become part of our lives. If earlier people tried to arrange their lives in the city and aged out of rural labor, now the situation is the other way around. More and more people want to buy a plot of land and build a small house for themselves.

So did the spouses Colin and Donna Brown from New Zealand.  They bought a small house in the suburbs with a small piece of land. The couple has always dreamed of growing vegetables and planting flowers. First of all, they decided to plant carrots and potatoes.

Before planting vegetables, they carefully studied all the rules for planting and caring for vegetables. When it came time to harvest, they discovered a real phenomenon in their beds. Instead of ordinary potatoes, they grew a giant weighing eight kilograms. That was incredible. They didn’t do anything special to grow potatoes that big.

But what is the reason for this abnormal growth? Agronomists distinguish the following conditions for potatoes to grow large: well-fertilized soil; change of site so that diseases do not accumulate; renewal of seed material approximately once every 3 years; loose, deeply cultivated soil. The soil must be fertilized. Before planting, the tubers must be germinated. In the spring, they are planted only in warm soil. In the presence of irrigation in any weather, tubers weighing up to 250 g or more are obtained.

This is a very common result. And if you follow other rules of agricultural technology, then tubers grow up to 500 g. In many gardens, we have to see that potatoes grow in the shade of trees. The best places are given to other cultures. Potatoes love the sun. In the shade, the tops grow frail, they are attacked by diseases and the Colorado potato beetle. And potatoes grow at the expense of tops. Potatoes are planted only in the sun, and the beds are not made cramped.

Plant nutrition area – 60-70 cm between rows and 30-40 cm between bushes in a row. The Browns were not professional agronomists and did not study the special literature on potato cultivation. Perhaps all these conditions coincided, so the tuber turned out to be huge. Also of great importance is the variety of planted potatoes. The larger the fruit, the larger the harvest will be. The couple applied for a world record, as the previous record holder grew a potato of only four kilos.

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