These Tombstones Prove You Can Be Funny Even After Death


Our gravestones are the last opportunity all of us have to leave our impression on the world. While most of us opt for a classic style with our name, birthday, and death date engraved on it, others have a little more fun.

Instead of sticking with a classic design, the following folks wanted to leave a grand impression for their relatives, and everyone else, to laugh about for decades to come. Now their silly words are spreading like crazy online and it’s easy to see why.

  1. Be careful where you’re standing when you go visit this grave. If you ever wondered what exactly you’re standing on, this lady makes it pretty clear.
  1. All of us have at least one friend that matches this description. But this lady wasn’t afraid to share it with the world forever.
  1. What exactly did this person do? We definitely need to know more about them.
  1. Guess we don’t have to doubt what this man thinks about how he came into the world and how he went out.
  1. Tell us what you really think! While most of us would agree, most of us wouldn’t consider putting it on our grave.

These gravestones definitely prove that even when you’re facing the final chapter of your life, you can go all out and leave a mark with your sense of humor. Be sure to share these funny headstones with your family and friends.

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