‘They Are Humans, Not Dogs’. Kentucky Dad of Quintuplets Shamed for Walking His Kids on a Leash


In a video that has gone viral, the Kentucky dad can be seen walking his 5 year olds while they are all restrained by child leashes

After a video of a Kentucky father walking his five children went viral, he was the target of a social media uproar. In the video which was posted on Instagram, the dad and his quintuplets can be seen going for a walk while all 5 kids are restrained by leashes. The social media was quick to judge dad Jordan Driskell, 31, take his kids Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin out for a walk on leashes recently.

“Come walk a mile in my shoes,” Jordan captioned his clip, seeming to defend his use of the restraining device. After receiving backlash the father of 5 has since justified himself, saying that it’s a secure way for him to monitor all kids outside. Jordan claims that he and his wife, Briana, 34, prefer to take the kids outside in this manner because it provides them ‘peace of mind and sanity.’ Jordan revealed to Today that his children enjoy going off to explore because of their curiosity.

To douse the tension, a person who understands Jordan’s plight came to his rescue. “Listen, until you have five kids you’re trying to wrangle, keep safe, and take out together at the same time in public, it’s not on you to judge. Even if you do have five five-year-olds, these aren’t them, and parenting kids requires knowing them, their specific needs, and what works for your individual family. It’s not anyone’s business to decide what works for another family. This man is out with five kids. FIVE. All he needs is a little applause as he walks by—that’s it,” the user explained.

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