They were expecting three babies, but they had five 


Women make a heroic step by having a child, but for a moment imagine having 5 children at once. In 2017, a joyful event took place in the Merkulov family-the birth of children.But they didn’t expect that there would be so many of them. It turned out that the ultrasound showed first three, then four. The fifth was an absolute surprise for parents.

Anastasia, the mother could not get pregnant for a long time and this upset her very much.And after a while she got pregnant then she get pregnant and had 5 children .After giving birth, the family moved to a big house. Anastasia takes care of the children. Children and the house take up all her time.

There is only a father in their house who works for the whole family. He also helps his wife at home. He loves spending time with her family. Grandparents are also always ready to help because it is very difficult to raise 5 children of the same age all alone.

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