“They’re All Very Different”: 13 Years Ago Five were Born in the Artamkin Family: What Teenage Sisters Look Like Now. PHOTO


A long time back, at the Artamkins, a genuine marvel occurred. The couple had quintuplets. Five adorable daughters.

While still ready, Varvara figured out that she would have five. The specialists were concerned and recommended that the couple dispose of two incipient organisms. So as not to seriously jeopardize the mother and children.

But the Artamkin family is a devotee, and they declined such a proposition. We chose, as God wills, so it will work out.

The Artamkins needed to pass on to conceive an offspring in another country, as Russian specialists didn’t take up their case. Also, at the twenty-6th seven day stretch of pregnancy, young ladies were born.

They were quickly positioned in a hatchery for rashly born children. They developed and grew well. Before long they went to their country, to Moscow.

Authorities were sitting tight at the air terminal for a huge family, who gave Varvara and Dmitry a four-room completely prepared condo.

Presently the young ladies are twelve years old.

They are totally different. Each has its own personality.

They help parents and act as help for them in all things.

Young ladies have been going church since childhood.

We hope everything works out for them all.

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