This grandfather is 107 years old. He still continues to work and has 97 years of work money


No matter how old are you. You can still make your life interesting and different. Don’t let age stop you from achieving your goals or success. You can keep yourself young by surrounding yourself the things that make you feel young. It is very important having inspiration in everything . It does not matter you are hundred years old or thirty.

The most important is to have energy and strength. Here is a man full of such strength and energy. He lives in New York. He is 107 years old hairdresser. It is strange for us , that such a grandparent can work at this age. But to our surprise he has 97 years of work experience. He started to work as a hairdresser at the age of 10. This is real fact. Who can believe that a person at this age can work so energetically and have so many clients. He works so quickly, cuts hair very skillfully and do you imagine he knows even the latest haircut’s trends? People come to him without age limit. His first client was his own son, who is already eighty years old, but continues to be his father’s unfaithful client.

He does not want to retire. All want to know the secret of his long living, but he said, if he  found that,  he would say it to his friends and family first. He has a lot of guests, such as tourists and journalists. They are curious of the work of hairdresser.    The hairdresser talks about her with  great admiration .  When  she was  alive  she  was  used  to  help  him. If you look at him  you can understand how much he misses his beloved wife.

He has his own barbershop and  does not at all think about any disease. Every morning he  goes to work on foot and is on his feet all day long and assures that walking makes a man healthy. Well, I think it’s interesting and incredible  and at the same time unbelievable for  you . But this barber   lives and works in  real life. We wish him  longevity and a successful working career.

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