This old cure will release blocked blood veins, prevent inflammation, lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system


This old German cure has proved to be very effective in treating multiple sclerosis, cold and inflammations, high cholesterol and fatigue. It is also excellent for strengthening the immune system and liver cleansing.

In order to prepare this superb drink you need four components only.

  • 4 organic lemons with their shell
  • Ginger root (3-4 cm) or two teaspoons of shreded ginger
  • 4 large garlic heads
  • 2 litres water


  1. Wash the lemons and cut them into small pieces2. Peel the garlic3. Put the lemon, ginger and garlic into a blender until a fine mix is made4. Put the mixture into a pan or pot5. Pour the water and stir to boil6. Turn off the heat, and leave the mixture to cool7. Filter the mixture and pour the liquid in a glass bottle

How to use:

Every day, two hours before dinner, drink one cup on an empty stomach. Continue this for three weeks. Then, stop drinking for a whole week, and after that repeat the process for three weeks. If it tastes a bit too strong for you, you can add honey.

After the first three weeks of treatment, you will feel how your body fills with energy and recovers. The drink is very helpful in preventing calcification of organisms caused by the formation of kidney stones and against vascular congestion.

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