Three Years Ago, 65-year-old woman had quadruples. Here’s how she lives with her children now. PHOTO


Many women have children after the age of 40. This is a great time for some women because she was able achieve her career goals and make enough money to support future children.

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They tried for years to have a child, but finally it was possible.

We will be talking about Annegret Raunig (65 years old), a German mother who gave birth to quadruplets. She also has 13 children, and 7 grandchildren.

It may seem odd that Annegret would want to have children at this age. This was the reason she gave birth to another child. Her 10-year-old youngest daughter wanted a little sister or brother.

Annegret was warned by doctors about the risks. However, she didn’t stop trying. She decided to artificially implant embryos. She had four children as a result.

Annegret was a teacher all through her life and also raised all of the children. The Guinness Book also recognized the quadruple birth as a remarkable record.

The appearance of the quadruple has been 3 years ago and the family now lives a busy life. The family moved to Herster after the birth of their children, and bought a large home.

Because she is certain that she will continue to be active and healthy for many years, the woman doesn’t worry about her future. According to the teacher, she made this decision based solely on her own desires and not after listening to others.

The authorities also gave Annegret two bonuses. Annegret also signed a contract to one TV channel that allows her to discuss family life.

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