Top 10 male auditions of all time from The Voice


The Voice aims to find the best singing talent all around the world. There have been some true stars to grace the show. These male blind auditions are the best of the best.

This gathering of fantastic male artists exhibits the wide assortment of voices that exist across the world. The majority of these men address the United Kingdom, but some come from Portugal, Holland, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

These men didn’t pick simple songs to sing by the same token. Truth be told, a portion of their numbers are bold decisions originally sung by stalwart female vocalists such as Adele and Sia.

Watch as Mateusz Ziolko gives the mentors goosebumps with his extraordinary performance. Be flabbergasted by Jason Jones, whose special sound made the mentors battle about him.

A large portion of these candidates get four abandons the mentors undoubtedly. Their staggering performances demonstrated that these men are hidden treasures simply ready to be cut and cleaned.

Each vocalist brings something else to the table. The four expert mentors know ability when they hear it. They are reluctant to work with just anybody – they need rising stars.

Pause for a minute and plan to be floored by the best male voices to emerge from The Voice. You will be similarly all around as stunned as the mentors and end up out of your seat giving a shout out to these skilled vocalists.

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