Two ice dancers skate to ‘Unchained Melody’ from the movie ‘Ghost’


Two Canadian ice dancers practiced their phenomenal routine at Centre Gadbois in Montreal, Quebec. They were Lily Hensen and Nathan Lickers, and it was a rehearsal for the Senior Free Dance.

The soundtrack of their performance was ‘Unchained Melody’ from the movie Ghost. Their coach is Scott Moir from the Ice Academy of Montreal. Scott Moir, along with Sheri Moir, created the choreography for Lily and Nathan’s Free dance.

On the ice, Lily and Nathan are a pair to behold. They glide so majestically and magnificently. Their moves are exact and precise. Even without looking at each other, they are synchronized.

In their Free Dance, Nathan picks up Lily and twirls with her in his arms. It takes trust to accomplish such a fantastic feat. They all have absolute confidence in each other.

Their bond is clear and strong as they present a charming and romantic performance. Even though there aren’t that many people watching, they dance as if the place was packed.

Lily and Nathan smile as they can as they continue blazing a trail on the ice. There is no stopping them as they spin and twirl together and, at times, apart.

Seeing two professional ice dancers move across a rink is absolutely mesmerizing. Lily and Nathan end their performance hand in hand. The few people watching clap for them.

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