Woman lost her four-year-old daughter many years ago. And then 20 years later she saw her on TV


Twenty years ago Hannah lost her daughter.

The girl, whose name was Rachel, was only four years old. Hannah met a friend in the park, talked to her, and the girl just disappeared. The police and volunteers searched the parks, every street in the city and asked a lot of people for her for a long time. 

But the girl was never found. After her daughter disappeared, Hannah didn’t want to live. She blamed herself, but with the help of her husband and eldest son Nathan and a psychologist she was able to come to terms with her grief. All these 20 years, the woman couldn’t stop thinking about her daughter. And then the unbelievable happened. 

On Christmas Eve, Hannah came to visit her eldest son. Some news was on TV, and suddenly the woman came closer and started screaming hysterically that it was Rachel. It turned out they were showing a story that talked about a girl who had lost her memory and was now in a hospital in a nearby town. 

The girl could not walk or speak, some people had severely beaten her and she was practically dying. She was found by random passers-by and now the police are asking for eyewitnesses to come forward. For the continuation watch the video.

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