Woman thought her husband was cheating on her with young nanny of their twins


Helen was married at the age of twenty-eight. Her husband’s name was Paul, and he was ten years older. Helen’s mother always said that her daughter had married late, but the woman only smiled.

She loved and respected her husband very much and thought she had found the nicest man in the world.

Two years later, she found out that she was expecting his child. When she told him the news, he was very happy and became even more caring. And soon at an ultrasound, they found out another amazing news, they were going to have twins. Helen and Paul couldn’t be happier.

When Helen gave birth to her babies, her mother came to visit her for a month to help the young mother with the care of the newborns. But soon she returned home, and the woman was left alone with the babies. Her husband worked from morning till night, and there was no help from him either.

For the first two months, it was easy enough for Helen, the little angels only ate and slept. But then they grew older and began to demand attention and entertainment. And things became more difficult. Helen had no time to do anything, no time to cook or clean the house. For the continuation watch the video.

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