Young woman married a mama’s boy. At the most difficult moment he dumped her on her mother’s advice.


Melanie met Ryan in college and while they were studying they spent a lot of time together. Over time their friendship became a romantic relationship and then Ryan proposed to her. By nature he was a modest guy who studied diligently .

He was fond of sports and healthy lifestyle and practically did not go to clubs and parties. Melanie was the same way so they were very suited to each other. 

So it was no surprise that they decided to get married at an age when many of their peers prefer to have fun. But unfortunately, in addition to similarities in character the couple had very different parenting. Although Melanie grew up in a small town she was born into a large and close-knit family.

Her parents raised five children, there was always joy and love in their home and the mother who was a simple housewife had a good disposition. Ryan was brought up by his mother. Alone she held a senior position in a large company and was used to being listened to and obeying her commands.

The same style of communication she adopted in dealing with her own son. He was always strict with him and demanded unconditional obedience to the elders. Of course, she loved him and wanted him only good but always thought she knew better what her son needs. For the continuation watch the video.

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